What a Surfer Eats.

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Nutrition is not only necessary for fuel to power the body and not only to maintain sustain & build physical, mental and emotional well being but also quite necessary in the recovery from substance abuse. Without proper and good nutrition the three above mentioned are impossible to achieve and maintain. This contributes to the difficulty of recovering from substance abuse. Substance abuse depletes and erodes a person spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Therefore it is imperative to eat well and get all the proper nutrition from good whole foods rather than just vitamins, supplements or nothing at all.

Return to Yesterday. Pacific Ocean Park.

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I close my eyes basking in the warm sun and sand. Closing my eyes, as salt air wafts across my brow, I am 12 years old again.The scent of charred wood, seaweed and urine dank and pungent floats and mingles with the sea breeze as foam bubbles and the sound of waves rumble through the pilings of Pacific Ocean Park Pier. I can see the custom shaped kicked boards with swallow tails, the Duck Feet and Churchill swim fins up right in the sand. All the cool dudes had that set up. I bounce on my canvas beach mat ready to hit the waves. I hear all of your voices so youthful and shrill.  Knitted bikinis are the rage for the daring girls and Rorer 714 Qualudes are passed out like theatre candies as several hippy girls banter about Jeff Sibley while smoking a joint. I stare at the pink wine in the half empty bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine at their feet. They pay me no mind. I am invisible to them. A prepubescent nobody.  The Vietnam war is coming to a close. Les Bittner and  several other young men who left as teens from my neighborhood return, not teens any longer.  At least in a part of their minds as well as chronologically. They wear their military jackets with the sleeves cut off, frayed and disheveled. As far as I was concerned, Les was the coolest surfer bar none.  Before and after he went to  “The “Nam” as he said upon his return. He was better than Ronnie Jay, Sibley and Sarlo or any of them. Les could nose wheelie all the way down Dewey St hill where he lived. Les never talked about himself. But most of all Les was friendly. He paid attention to me. His mom gave me his home made electric guitar. ( He never asked for it back.)He let his skating and life speak for him. I’m  too young to really understand anything about Vietnam other than my mom was against it and a lot of other people too. The war was on T.V constantly and my daddy went to the army too and he does not want me or my younger brother.

P.O.P broken, dilapidated, spooky and hulking beckons me to explore its shadows and hidden secrets. I’ve hear the surfres talk about how good and treacherous, the waves are at “The Cove.”  The waves crashing, echo eerily  breaking on the gnashing teeth like barnacle encrusted pilings and twisted broken amusement rides. The smell of charred wood, creosote and mildew, is strangely juxtaposed against the bright, salty, airy, blue & white sky, ocean water and laughing smiling voices of the beach crowd of surfers and girls. I am also unwanted by the surfers that rule the surf of P.O.P I dare not venture into The Cove. Just the north corner of the shore break Ts is safe enough for a grom such as me.

Pacific Ocean Park, ( Santa Monica).

Yesterday is gone dreams carry on will you remembered me? – Ray Gillian

( R.I.P)
( Bad Lands)IMG_20191007_125832.jpg

Las Vegas and Loughlin Nevada during COVID 19 Shutdown.

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I spent a day and a night in Laughlin, Nevada. I also cruised around Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip during the day. I must say, some of the most surreal experiences in my life are the cities and towns that should be booming, shut down. These cities and town’s While in DTLV, One time rolled on me. The officer asked me what caliber I was working with. I replied .40 caliber. He smirked and said, “That will stop ’em.” and sped off

Lughlin Nevada.
Ghost Town. Las Vegas Strip
Deserted Las Vegas