L.A appearances and reading.

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22nd Annual Venice Surfathon

I will be at the premier of the film made in Venice as well as hold a few impromptu readings from Crashed Memories of a Punk rOckeR and other works. Stay tuned for dates, time and location. Bets follow me twitter account I reckon. I will have a limited number of books and CDs for purchase. I donate all proceeds from my art to MLD Christian Charity School in Muka Mindanao



1978. cm


Made in Venice the “Documentary”

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When is a documentary film not a documentary film? Check it home boy. I hear from reliable sources the Made in Venice “documentary” is finished. Yeah I never thought the film would be made much less released. I signed off on it years ago and got my paltry penance of income and that is that. But I never said I would keep my mouth shut. I also hear I look good in it. Bahahha. I also hear the film is inaccurate and manipulative. I will reserve judgment and comment other than what I have stated until I see it. I missed the initial screening as I live rural and fight fires for a living now. However I may see it soon. I will keep you posted and believe me the book will be published. “How to build a skatepark in the sand and loose friends you only thought you had.” Bawawawaw!




Substance Abuse. Rural America. Pomona, WA.

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20160704_160604Substance Abuse such a scourge across the land. Most often many of us never give thought to the rural communities and substance abuse. Pomona WA is a small rural town on the outskirts of Yakima, WA.





As I day tripped along the highway, I noticed the dilapidated stables and items for sale. As I entered the stables and conferred with the “proprietors”, the tell tale signs of meth, alcohol and all the degenerate, horrible and sad symptoms of substance abuse confronted me in the stench, decay and pathos of drug addiction. A sledge hammer of self abuse, abuse of others and what appeared to be animal cruelty. Pornography, meth pipes, rigs, and assorted garbage littered the stables as did the rotten teeth and open sores and skin eruptions on the faces of the three 40ish White men selling off the remnants of the horse stables.




I am told thoroughbred horses appear skinny but these animals looked starved. The entire set up is a testimony to moral and social decay of America and a oft overlooked results of America’s substance abuse dilemma. 20160704_160911



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