Venice Surf-A-Thon Sponsor/Volunteer Appreciation Night and Art Show ReCap

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The Venice Surf-A-Thon Volunteer/ Sponsor Appreciation Night and Art Show went off as expected! $611.89 was raised for MLD School in Mindanao.  I want to than all the artists, sponsors, volunteers and especially l Mercedes of Mercedes restaurant. We had as blast! The 25th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest will be held at Venice Pier on December the 8th 2018! One quarter century of more than a surf contest    Featured Artists, We Humpston, Ray Rae Goldman, Laura Cataldo, Vincent Packard, Mike Olivares, Howard Hood.


The L.A Files. Return to Eden

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Tripped around Venice, Santa Monica and Mar Vista yesterday. It was great to have a few very meaningful conversations with folks still in the neighborhood. Saddening to learn of other’s demise or a favorite childhood location such as Foster Freeze in 16th and Pico Blvd going down.
Venice Boardwalk confused, and depressed me, as did the Venice Skatepark. In fact the situation at the Venice skatepark even angered me more than anything. The presence of evil is quite prevalent. The drunken and doped up youth meandering about aimlessly without purpose in clouds of dope smoke, accompanied by computer generated sounds that barely qualify as “music” but rather a hate filled dirge of destruction as they stare trance like into their phones or curse one another bragging and boasting of worthless
perverted pornographic acts, the scene is quite heartbreaking.
Perhaps I’m just too sensitive having been saved in Christ and working to build His kingdom. Or perhaps its the decades of work I devoted to constructing the skatepark and that being only the cornerstone of a community outreach center such as (Venice Arts) and having it destroyed (VSA) by just a few greedy egomaniacal people.
I don’t know really and giving it too much thought is just no good for me emotionally or mentally.

I move on and peddle on down to the pier and visit with others, listen to their stories.

Returning to the neighborhood can be dangerous for me. So I stay prayed up,  as I know I’m a high value target for Satan.  He wants more than anything to drag me back into that world of strife, dope, hatred, pornography, fornication and ultimate destruction. I’m a soldier in Jesus’ army now. I’m salt and light in a world of bitter darkness. Hallelujah Jesus, you have set me free from spiritual bondage. Toda Hamashua Yeshua. Thank you Messiah Jesus. AmenIMG_20180928_154348.jpg

The L.A files. Not so ancient Japanese (secret)

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IMG_20180914_140000.jpgGood afternoon faithful reader, a few days ago sifting through business cards, I happened upon a one time very coveted and exclusive business card. The card had a number to a certain Ms M and it gained one entry to an after hours that rocked and rolled unto dawn and some. Ms M ‘sho ’nuff liked me. Homeboy at the time  Japanese  was  a top of my game back in ‘Y2K and meeting her for the first time, I used  Keigo (敬語honorific form of  Japanese) in our conversation. She knew immediately I was no run of the mill yellow fever sprung White Boy that could not tell the difference between a Vietnamese or Japanese. She also knew I was a very interested in Japanese women. Some say the floating world (浮世絵 pronounced Ukiyo) ceased to exist in 19th century Japan. I’ve news for you G, it still exists. Perhaps not as it did in its classic state yet it exists from Japan to Honolulu to L.A to NYC and anywhere you find major Japanese communities

It all began innocently enough meeting a Miss Ichihashi on my stomping grounds of Venice Beach, CA. I had no particular interests in Japanese girls, women or culture at the time. I was just a horny G.I back home from two tours of duty in 1993. Young Miss Ichihashi sure was fine and of particular note, very well endowed and equally as horny as I. To cut to the chase homie, I fell for her like a ton of bricks. She liked me well enough but, unbeknownst  to me at the time, I was just part of her floating world. She had been working her way around not only the beach but L.A in general. As I said I will keep it short a simple. She left me and returned to Japan. I was heartbroken and even more so learning of her doing pornography and tricking around L.A

Well I took it upon myself to learn the Japanese language  and everything about Japan I could. I wont go into all the details Etc as that would take a 500 or more page book, which I am working on.  What I will tell you is, not only did I earn several degrees in Japanese from major universities but I learned this little tid bit about 1998. Many Japanese girls at te time (and to a lesser degree today) have a fantasy fellow and American dream so to say. To vacation or study in America, and get down with either a American White or Black fella, depending on what catches her interest while growing up in Japan. Say for instance, she is interested in surfing, therefore she gets totally into the surfing culture and bingo come to the U.S and gets herself a surfer boy. Once I learned this fact, it was on and cracking so to speak and the fact I knew Japanese was just an added arrow in my quiver. The a fore mentioned club was a favorite hunting ground of mine. I’ve heard through sources the place had been busted but so the after hours is no longer  in operation but the bar is.  It makes little difference to me now, I know longer run the streets or city or take part in that sort of life style.