The Best Surf Instructor. Everrr!!

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Thanx Angela and Daisy for theribging endorsements! I am available for private and group lessons. Check the menu for more about my experience and rates.


West Texas Salt Flats USA

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Leaving Carlsbad, New Mexico the desert monsoons are a wonderfully violent and refreshing relief from the oppressive summer heat of mid August.

The Guadeloupe National Monument is among the many exquisite and quite beautiful natural wonders among the lonely and desolate road between Carlsbad and El Paso. The lighting and weather changes quite rapidly. I stopped in at May’s Cafe sand the monsoon down poor put out the electricity. May and her help cooked my breakfast by flashlight.  A band of 1% bikers, the Grimlords rolled in soaked to the bone. May knew them and they were very cordial. America is a fantastic and marvelous place.

Venice Surf-A-Thon Sessions.

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]It was ghetto fabulous. It was rough and ready. Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Award The cellar at The Townhouse. Frank owned it and Steve ran the bar.Kid Caviar was my MC go to. I was a bit conflicted about posting and using the bikini contests in the Surf-A-Thon documentary but I have to be true to myself true to contezt and true to the neighborhood this is history. Like it or not This is who I was not who I am now this is what the contest was not what the contest is now it’s all just history.

25 years of Venice Surf-A-Thon. 1/4 century of surfing, and all that goes with it. This contest has been ignored by the aristocracy and power elitists of surfdom. From the musuems to the mags to the historians. This is not my story but your story. Beyond Dogtown & Zboyz, yet traces its history and orgins to those very crucial legends. POP gasped its last breath in 77 and its waves are long gone but those very burnt out pilings and embers stoked the creation of Venice Surf-A-Thon..It is the continuing tale of a neighborhood that for the most part ceases to exist. It is the last remaining rement of a culture that has not been sold to Madison Ave. This is Venice Surf- A-Thon.