26th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Re-Cap

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T he 26th annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf contest was once again a rip roaring success! The surf cooperated as well as the weather also! The day began with 2-4ft glassy peaks and scattered clouds with just enough coverage to keep the glare down for the judges. The contest hosted 43 men,women and children ages 5 years old to 67 years old. The contest raised $1,734.00 for MLD Christian Charity School Mucas,Mindanao ( Philippine Islands.) 14 competitors were granted financial hardship waivers. 9 competitors were international competitors.
> Masters Division
> 1st Place- Eric Weis (USA) 2nd Place- Steve Shelp (USA)
> 3 Place- Brock Myreux (USA)
> Menehunes
> 1st Place -Rickson Massie (USA) 2nd Place- J.Packham (USA) 3rd Place- Uchu Jin ( Japan)
> Jr. Women
> 1st Place -Stephanie Weis (USA) 2nd Place -Marly Kay (USA) 3rd Place- Mimi Sullivan (USA)
> Senior Women
> 1st Place- Almudena Soria ( Spain) 2nd Place- Nicole Lynch ( USA) 3rd Place Natsumi Ota ( Japan)
> Mens Division
> 1st Place -Cole Sweeny ( USA) 2nd Place-Mariano Romero (Argentina) 3rd Place Pablo (USA)
> Jr.Mens Division 1st Place Bradly Kay (USA) 2nd Place-Ben Cohen (USA) 3rd Place- Nathan Cosworth (USA)
> Longboard Division
> 1st Place Norm Antonio (USA) 2nd Place Ari Ari (New Zealand ) 3rd Place Brock Myreux (USA)
> Body Surfing 1st Place Nathan B (USA), 2nd Place Rick Massie (USA) 3rd Place Mike Wood (USA)
> Most Outstanding Surfer Award- Katie
> Most Radicle Move Award Mimi Sullivan
> he 26th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Award Show, hosted by The Sidewalk Cafe featured KOZ from Kyoto Japan singing dance hall and reggae inspired songs to the delight of the crowd. Cognitive Dissonance
> ( former Suicidal Tendencies member) got the crown fired up and DJ Jacques kept the vibe up in between sets. Finally Col Klink closed out the show with their set of inspired and enthusiastic crowd favorites as the surfers rocked and rolled into the night. Thank you sponsors, competitors,volunteers and participants one and all!
> There are limited numbers of Contest tshirts still available. $25 shipping included! Specify size and color (tan or white) Hoodies available in white only $60.00 shipping included. Thank you for your orders and continued support of the one and only Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest!

10 Year anniversary Venice Skatepark.

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Passing through LAX I stopped to take this photo. In 10 short years,the Venice Skatepark has become the world’s most famous. Sort of ironic,I don’t even live in Venice, L.A County or CA for that matter. It’s sort a trip to watch from afar. The skaters and visitors are clueless to my leadership in the project or what was prior to the skatepark. They just think I’m some old burnout. Which is partially true Look man, calling yourself a “visionary”on Linkedin does not make one a visionary. That is just one of the problems facing many people today and society at large. A subjective view point based on emotion and not empirical evidence. It takes critical thinking rather than subjective, whimsical thinking to accomplish projects large or small. Behind me (in the photo from 2000) is the former Danson oil well, now the world famous Venice skatepark. It is also the location of the very first Venice Surf A Thon Surf Contest held in 1993. Hanging around people such as Skip Engbolm, Paul Lipman, Scott Anderson, Herbie Fletcher, CRS III, Heidi Lemon, Mike and Donald Cassell, Mike Reola, Matt Biolas , Scott Anderson, Greg Falk among others  inspired me greatly. However my emphasis was on serving the community rather than financially profit or product consumption. I observed how these people built their businesses and how they work very hard at their businesses to make them successful. Success does not come overnight as it may appear but it is achieved through diligent, continued sustained effort. I used leadership skills learned in the army and politics to motivate others to join in the causes or activities they could and continue to benefit from. This is not to say I did not make mistakes along the way or continue to make mistakes. However I do my best each and every day to be responsible and honest for my actions and serve others positively.
Here is a thought, before electing an official, look at prior results and accomplishments and an the overall benefits to community. Also look at the private wealth a public official has accumulated while in office.  Really think about things rather than letting emotions carry you away with an ideoloies that have a faulty foundation.

Why do I continue to fly in to produce Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest? It’s in the blood, sweat and tears. I suppose the day I show up and nobody else does to surf,that is when I will call it quits. Thank you Jesse Martinez​, Melanie Berry, Scott Brown, Jimmy Hanson,Heidi Lemon  shoot the names and sponsors who helped me see the project through are so very  many! I just must thank  and one and all for helping me with Venice Skatepark project and Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest all these years.

Huge shout out to Heidi Lemmon​, for her continued and past support, Lighting Pete​ in his dedication to making the Venice Surf-A-Thon film, Rob Carpinteyro​ with the travel hook ups. Thanks to Masao Miyashiro​, Sal Covarrubias​, Mitchell Schaffer​ and EriK Arcane for keeping the Col Klink band going and rehearsals on short notice. We will return to rock and roll the Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest Award Show with Jon Nelson​ and David Estrada​’s Cognitive Dissonance, and Jacques Djjacques Aureille​ on the ones & twos! Finally thanks to Steve Mayorga​ and Louichi Mayorga​, Phyllis Mayorga Santos​, Diana Mayorga​ families , Norman Antonio​ and Brock Mayeux​ families, Rick Massie​ family and all the David Massie​ family, all the sponsors and volunteers that keep Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest alive, funky and well. 26 years in a row!


Liberty in the Mojave Desert

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img_20190930_180108I ease the RT into Baker,CA listening for any abnormal sounds as I decelerate, slowly and methodically allowing the Tremec transmission to slow the car rather than braking. I find the modified 392 Hemi growling to a slow stop,music to my ears. Slaking my thirst,I chug water from my canteen gazing out into the desert. I almost hate going anywhere near California any longer. The place just disgusts me now a days.My birth place and were I spent not just my formidable years is a shadow of itself.  In any case broken,  abandoned building always intrigue me. Before turning east and north into the Nevada section of the Mojave, I step out and  around the decrepit discarded hotel. I knew that an empty pool would be around somewhere. Old habits are instinctive. Sort of like a hound dog. Back in the day I would have sessioned the empty pool but not today. Ive still a skateboard with me but broken bones mend slow and Ive got to keep food on the table. I’m not getting old. I am old.   I poke around and hit the road and am more than relieved to hit the Nevada boarder and turn north into State Higway 161 and into the hinterlands. There is plenty to see and do out here. What I enjoy most is the freedom. Freedom has a caveat and it is responsibility. The erosion of American liberties indicates an unwillingness to be responsible and accountable for one’s actions, I dare say. Me I don’t want or need government cheese or a “free education” or any of the “free” things the leftest party is peddling. Because its not free. It comes at folks like mine’s expense.  Responsibility is the wisdom to  understand yeah,my motor has 500hps but it does not require I use it to smoke every Toyota I encounter on the road. I own weapons. I own them as the U.S Constitution allows for it. However I use them responsibly. I target shoot and carry as prescribed by law. I understand the great responsibility of ownership of these very powerful machines and tools.  I hope you get a clue as well. img_20190818_120725img_20190818_120803img_20170917_091633