Rest in Peace Jake Piaseki

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Jake quiet and reserved or radical and brash. Your skateboarding just as bold and beautiful as your spirit. Good times and not so good your love of skateboarding shone bright.
Just hanging around the beach or a skate contest you always had your grin going on and I knew you knew something everybody else was quite clueless about. It’s been a while since that ramp in Hermosa down in the gulley between the beach and PCH. Condolences to family, friends and the tribe. You will be missed

23rd Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Dec 10 2016.

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surfathon-201623 years in a row1 Never missing a beat! Who would have thought the contest would last decades? If you care to sponsor, participate, volunteer, entertain or hang out just holla!

Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf contest main goal is to have a good time! The contest provides an easy going no pressure environment for all to participate in a surf contest. Yes some of the divisions are very competitive and participants show up year and again to defend their tittles and neighborhood bragging rights for the year. However other divisions are just a good time of surfing and entry level participation for those a bit nervous or shy about entering a surf contest. All contestants receive limited edition t shirt hand drawn this year by Paloma Perez.

The awards show is always anticipated by all as everybody gets some sort of swag and the bands and Djs provide great music for all to enjoy.

We welcome you to join Venice Surf-A-Thon this year!

Clearwater Classic Surf Contest 2016! Westport Washington Recap

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img_20161008_1009251img_20161008_0824011Several week before I had submitted my 40.00 to the Clearwater Classic Surf Contest to benefit the Northwest chapter of Surfrider foundation. The weekend had finally arrived to hold the contest!
Leaving Yakima heading west via highway 12 I listened to weather reports carefully. My heat time is scheduled for 2:oopm. Heat? Why yes I decided to enter the Grandmaster Division (Longboard) of the Clearwater Classic Surf Contest held at Westport, Washington USA.  The trip west is roughly 6 hours. The sun sank behind ths Cascades quickly it became a very dark moonless night. One has to be vigilant as to deer, elk and other animals on the road. I arrived in Aberdeen and crashed in the Wallmart parking lot in Aberdeen, WA 20 mile from Westport. Rising early I hung around Aberdeen purchasing a basketball jersey from a thrift store. If you don’t know Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen.

img_20161008_1009251 img_20161008_1105001 img_20161008_1703581


The northwest surfers are a hearty bread for sure. Tides, conditions change very rapidly and the cold is well cold to the bone! However if you dig the slide and ride, you will surf were one finds it. I happen to be in the American Northwest and that is were I am surfing! My fellow surfers are very friendly and the glad to have me in the contest. The waves are about 2-4 ft and very windy on the first day and the event is called off about 1:30pm. My heat is bounced to the following day. However this did not stop the festivities. We all gathered at the VFW in Westport for a surfer’s stomp! The chow was delcicious. I had several serving of the vegi chile, mac salad and real Hawaiin Kine Kalua pig. Rocking the house the dj and Mc were on point as 10 Barrel Brewing Co product was on tap. I don’t drink alcohol any longer but the brew looked to be a fine blend of local hops,water and yeast for sho! I entered an action for some cool prizes but was quickly outbid. About 9:30pm I headed back to my vehicle and buried myself under several sleeping bags listening to the rain and wind while saying my prayers and thanking the Lord for a great day.







Day two dawned and as the locals predicted the wind and rain subsided. The still air and morning glass were a welcome sight for this oft land locked surf dog! I made it out of my first heat and into the finals as well! I was fairly winded having surfed 4 times since leaving CA back in April. Nothing replicates the conditioning of surfing. Not running or calisthenics not even swimming. Paddling through cold surf on a board in a 4-3 wetsuit is very aerobic as well as specialized set of muscles and technique. In any case I was winded and cold. The final round was a two hour wait. I really got cold waiting around in my wetsuit and decided to change into my clothes. I knew this was the end of my surfing for the day. As soon as I got dry and warm, I wimped out and did not answer the call for the final round. I settled for 6th place. to be honest I was a bit disappointed at myself for not trying to get a trophy but all in all I gave it a good if not my best effort. All in all the Northwest surfers I’ve meet so far are a great bunch of people. Shout out and thank you to the Clearwater Classic organizers and all the volunteers and contestants and family! I am much obliged! img_20161009_2108561