What a Surfer Eats. New Mexican Deer.

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I bagged this mule deer last season near Questa, New Mexico  and treated my guests to a real surfer meal after I dressed the kill down.  Never mind the ocean is about 12oo miles homie, anybody who knows me knows I get my slash on regardless.  I  gave the meat a rub of garden herbs (ground pepper, Rosemary and salt) let it sit several hours, garnished the deer steak and burgers with fresh garden vegetables mostly for aesthetics  (peppers, onions and herbs) before grilling it on an outdoor bbq for about 6 minutes (3 min each side) the ground beef required 10 mins. Serve up on a toasted bun with a fresh garden salad and corn.  The meal is unique deliciously savory and satisfying


Wiltern Theatre. Los Angeles ,California

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Back in Los Angeles (my birth place (Santa Monica) California for a meeting at Sugar Studios located at the top of the venerable Wiltern Building.

The building is iconic as it is historic. For me it is one of my first introductions to Art Deco. The building is in great shape from the tile and moulding in the bathrooms to the marquee and everything in between. I recommend catching a show and checking out the building if you can.  Enjoy the photos!


Revisiting Los Angeles Punk Rock. 1978

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Two very good friends of mine, Ed Colver and Danny Spira. I met them back in the punk rock days. Danny is from my neighborhood (Venice,CA)  and Ed took many iconic photos of the era (when Danny was the the lead singer of Wasted Youth.)It was a pleasure to catch up with them in Los Angeles.  (photo Ger-I)IMG_20190512_162029The bottom photograph is Mark “Fun Crime” Munski and unidentified. I wrote about Danny and Mark in 1978 Crashed Memories of an L.A Punk Rocker. While visiting Ed, he asked me about the two as he did not know their names. I immediately recognized Mark but the girl’s identity remains a mystery.   (Photo Colver)  To purchase a copy of the book or read reviews clich here: https://gerilewis.wordpress.com/music-books/IMG_20190512_151827