24th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf Contest

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Hi friends, I apologize for the lack of blogging but I went straight from the wilderness to the concrete jungle of Los Angeles to produce the 24th annual Venice Sut-A-Thon Surf Contest and award show. In addition to working on the documentary film and the Colonel Klink. Therefore Im quite busy here in L.A

Hope to see you all at the surf contest and award show!

Ifc you want to volunteer participate or sponsor just get ahold of me easiest way it was Jerry Lewis 001 gmail.com search Venice surf add-on pray for surf


Cebolla Mesa.Carson National Forest New Mexico, USA

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Standing on the rim of the Rio Grande gorge inhaling and exhaling the mixture of Sage , Pinion Pine and Juniper as several ravens heckle me, I notice a heard of Big Horn sheep just a stones throw away. Looking into the gorge a few hawks or eagles scout out their prey.

Just a typical early morning out on the Cebolla Mesa. The hike down to Rio Grande is arduous. The trail is slippery with alluvial rocks and debris. The accent is twice the effort as the rise in elevation is quite staggering. Yet the strenuous physical exertion is well worth the effort. The area is majestic!  My assignment for the day was to clean up an abandoned camp site, investigate a stump fire. I was allowed to burn most of the abandoned camp as it was not worth the effort to back out.  The Cebolla Mesa is quite remote and all the safety essentials and precautions are necessary to have a safe outing. The weather changes on the turn of a dime as vicious thunder storms and severe lightning and flash flooding are normal occurences. By the way Cebolla Mesa is onion table in the Spanish language. I have not found and wild onions yet however


Yakima Indian Cemetary. Yakima, Washington. USA

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The Yakima Nation White Swan USA, The Central Washington prairie of the Yakima Nation  is strange and beautiful, morose and wonderful section of America. I took these photos just as the winter thaw in mid March 2017 began. The wild horses starve or die from natural causes or attacks and are buried in ice and snow. As the thaw advances the predators feast on the carcasses of the dead.

Walking along the prairie, I wondered across the Indian cemetary. The inscribed  names grasped my attention. Just as most cemeteries in the USA,  Indians, Asian, Mexicans, Blacks and White are buried here.  I wonder how they arrived to this remote location and settled down. They are immigrants and pioneers, soldiers and housewives. They came to this location, lived, perished and save for the historian, archeologist , or other interested party rest in peace on the lonesome Yakima Washinton prarie as Mt Adams keeps  a silent and majestic vigil.