What A Surfer Eats. Asparagus Tacos

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IMG_20180806_141246.jpg While up in the northwest of the good ‘ol USA the past few years I noticed asparagus is offered on many items such as burgers.

Therefore I had a few left overs including asparagus from the night before. Waste not want not I always say, and before you say it I had the brown rice, oninios, garlic sauté nice real properly and   pinto beans & tortillas warmed up

Generally Mexican folks ain’t to keen on extras on their tacos but being a So Cal native, I’m no stranger to cheese on a taco. A block of Tillamook sharp was quickly grated and boom! The hybrid was ready to cowcow. Thas eat for all you folks that don’t know a lick about Hawaiian style. IMG_20180806_141311.jpg

In any case, I got to getting down with my creation and it is delicious. I went with the the ubiquitous Tapito brand hot sauce and a cool glass of agua fresca to slake my thirst.

I’m back out in a flash to get my best day surfing on at a local shore break all charged up nutritious like! Going left! Whoopahhhh!






What Surfer Eats. Mexican Eggs Rapido!

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DoIMG_20180725_110027 you like hot sauce? I sure do! I’m always on the lookout for a tasty and spicy condiment to try out.  Therefore Im delighted to recommend ZaaschiLa brand picante gourmet salsa!mexican-egg-tortilla-breakfast-skillet-migas-3

Direct from Northern Mexico it has a smooth flavor with an immediate bite to it that lingers just perfectly on the pallet.

I whipped up a plate of huevos con Nopoles y cebolla. Eggs ,Nopoles ( a cactus) onions of course tortillas and frijoles ( refried beans) tambien ( also.)

Quick nutrition on the fly only 15 min from skillet to gullet as the south swell is fading fast so I’m back out there!

Well if you are the purist type, you may want to avoid the brand as it had preservatives. I don’t go to much out of my way to avoid that sort of thing, cast iron stomach and nerves of steel and all that.




The White Shadow and a Skateboard

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JayIMG_20170829_182400 Adams once said something about getting old. I believe it went something like you got old because you quit skateboarding. When I really think about it, it’s great to be part of something that is perhaps one of the few pop cultural contributions from California to go world wide.
Now there are skateparks world wide and in the remotest parts of the world such as this Skatepark on the Santa Clara Reservation. Ads you can see, I don’t look like a kid any longer.However I will tell you, how it generally begins when I arrive a stranger in a far off place. I show up 9 times out of 10 alone unannounced with stickers ad skateboard’s. Some times the skateboards are from sponsors other times I buy ’em. I start skaing and the kids cme around. They see me getting my stoke on. That breaks the ice and cliinic is on! The kids look past the gray hair , wrinkes, scars and other symptoms of age. They look into the heart of the matter. Next the adults come ’round an are generally suspicious. However once they see Im legit, every thing is usually copacetic. Often they ask, ” When you coming back Mr?”And this is the question I hate the most as I’m a stone that gathers no moss. IMG_20180626_200803

Huge shout out to Lost Surfboards Mike Reola and Matt Biolas, Carver Skateboards Greg Falk and Neal Carver, Arbor Skateboards, Bulldog Skateboards, Wes Humpston, Salt Rags Heidi Lemmon, Jim Muir​​ at Dogtown and SMA Skip Engbolm for ther continued support and believing in ky endeavorsI.Thanx!
I am the White Shadow