Government has failed the American people.

Hey Citizen, maybe this little bit of info will WAKE you  UP if  losing your job and paying more taxes has not done the trick.  

A   Los Angeles County Supervisor earns $200.000 + annually and a

Los Angels City Council member earns $178,000.00 + annually

These career politicians’ families have been ENTRENCHED in Los Angles politics for decades and have made themselves Millionaires on tax dollars.

Let me tell you a little story. Supervisor Don Knabe pays an armed private driver $90,000.00 a year. A totally unnecessary expenditure of tax dollars. When was the last time anyone took a pot shot at a L.A County District Supervisor?  Other Supervisors dont have armed drivers, why Knabe? this type of expenditure is only an example of the fleecing going on in government.

Futhermore The City of Los Angeles cut funding for Recreation and Parks skateboarding programs. 6 L.A City Parks featured the skateboard program serving a region encompassing the entire L.A Basin and San Fernando Valley. The program’s fiscal budget was roughly the salary of one City Council Member and less than that of a County Supervisor. The program served hundreds of kids and employed 20 persons.

IF EACH COUNTY Supervisor and CITY Council member received a 10% pay reduction for JUST ONE YEAR the skateboarding program would be able to operate for 3 YEARS.


Lower paying jobs that are essential to government function, serving youth and  ensuring citizen’s survival are being eliminated, yet upper level management remain unscathed by the budget cutting axe and these are the very persons that are charged with preventing this type of mismanagement.

This sort of greed and self service is a major factor in the fiscal insolvency and mismanagement of our County and City governments. TIME to STAND UP! DEMAND FAIRNESS and EQUAL TREATMENT of CITIZENS and TAX PAYERS.

The treatment of our citizens by government is indicative of the value placed on society and humanity.


2 Responses to “Government has failed the American people.”

  1. Add my name to those who believe this is abuse of public service, by those who forgot the people they’re supposed to be serving.
    David Cruz, KTLK AM1150 / KFI AM640 / FOX TV Good Day LA!

  2. I have also wondered why government workers(ones with ridiculous high paying salaries)Can’t take a small cut in pay.If all of those overpaid ones in the United States would agree to do that it would take care of all of the deficeit we have now.

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