Youth of Today and Tomorrow(?)

Ive  been working /supporting mentoring kids and young adults from all over Los Angeles, USA and the world for almost 3 decades.  Having grown up in a broken home, shoved aside and eventually ending up in a placement facility by the time I was 15, I understand many of the problems and uncertainty facing young people.  I founded the VSA and Venice Surf-A-Thon 20 years ago to give youth something the can take ownership of and have pride in participating in a community event. I have been working in Compton, East Side Los Angeles, South L.A for about 15 years now @ the County/City pools and parks. Some of the parks and schools are Ted Watkins @ 103rd and Success, Campanella @ Straford and Rosecrans, Victoria @ 192 and Avalon, Gilbert Lindsay @ 42nd and Avalon, Lennox @ Lennox and Condon, Slauson on Compton and 54th. Below are links to quick spontaneous interviews  some of the boys and girls and what they have to say about me, you and their hopes for a future.


2 Responses to “Youth of Today and Tomorrow(?)”

  1. Todd was the driving force behind the Venicde Skatepark project for 14 years. During that time we produced many skateboarding events for local youth and inner city youth. He is also the founder and director of the venice Surf A Thon.
    Many youth that he has mentored are graduating high school and even entering college.
    Todd works hard to improve his community.
    heidi lemmon

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