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Lift up your spirit as it is given to you by God and we are not to be enslaved to other men. Lift up your hands as they are the instruments of creation and freedom from tyranny. As the US is in debt up to the neck, and the quantum easing has done noting but exasperate the problem of currency devaluation and those that created the crises ( the banking industry) were given tax revenue to continue the fleecing of the middle class and poor, why are you satisfied? Why have you not taken to the streets and voting polls? Well follow me , listen to me!  My solution to the debt crises facing our nation contains the following immediate action

#1 Any US company producing goods off shore, must pay penalty import tariffs.

#2 All US Citizens receive $250,000.00 immediately.

3# Creation of a CCC/WPA type of organization to begin  repair of US infrastructure of highway and transportation system. In addition the re establishment of manufacture of quality consumer goods in the  for world and particular US consumption. Companies manufacturing on US mainland , Hawaii or Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands will receive tax reduction and/or subsidies to foster US based manufacture.

#4 The dismantle of the Federal Reserve and creation of the United States Bank with the backing of the currency based on gold and silver reserves.

#5 The decriminalization of  punitive drug penal codes. Moreover the discontinuation of private prisons.

#6 The establishment of a federal mandated salary for  primary and high school teachers of 75,000.00.

#7 A Federal Health care system.

#8 Re employment and integration of the veterans in above mentioned work force.

#9 Ending the “War on Terror and the “War on drugs.”

#10 Creation of alternate fuels such as Brazil’s grain alcohol use and  conversion to natural gas as NG is an abundant fossil fuel.

#11 Placing more emphasis on diplomacy and Peace Corps type establishments to re-establish USA as a caring peaceful nation.

Stay tuned, I am in thee process of organizing a peace and fairness protest! I for one have had enough of the erosion of civil rights, the virtual enslavement of citizens.


2 Responses to “Follow Me!”

  1. Hi Ger i!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and I appreciate that you have ideas and not just critiques or complaints. I believe I am in aggreement with you about the state of affairs in the US on a philisophical level, but would like to comment on suggestion numbers six and seven.
    First, as a mother whose goal it is to raise independant minded people, I find any Federal involvevement in education a mistake. Communities should be allowed to determine how the schools are run. Also, a mandatory base salary leaves little room for incentive for teachers to inspire. Federal mandatory testing has already turned “education” into training sessions for aptitude testing. I would rather see teachers unions outlawed, and more ovesight and performance reviews by parents instead of bureaucracies with political motives. In the classroom, a return to a classical approach instead of modern progressive approach would be a good start to reform. Parents need to demand that schools return to teaching the basics in the primary years and inspire students to develop critical and analytical skills in the junior high and high school years. As they are presently, public schools have become at best indoctrination facilities, grooming kids to become “good citizens” , not adults who think beyond what they are fed by mass media, universities and Hollywood and refuse to accept their propaganda.
    Now, on to number seven, a federal health care system would be a mess. My first concern is that the federal government would have access to our medical records. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the gov’t is the last place I want my privacy sold out to. The HIPPA act of 1996already grants medical acces to any government agency who says they need it! The act was promoted as an added layer of privacy protection for the patient, and it does limit what other health providers you doctor can communicate with about your care, but the back story is that it gives more access to the government without your knowledge or consent! I have worked in the health care industry for years in both clinical and business ends and I have my own ideas about what reform must include. The middle man or third party insurance payors must only be involved at the catastrophic care level. A return to fee for service model will not only improve the Doctor/patient relationship, but will prevent patient abuse which includes unnesecary tests and treatments ( yes, it does exist…I have witnessed it firsthand and it has happened to me. My doctor billed my insurance for a procedure he never performed. Now this is on my permanent record and a liability should I apply for a new policy) this model will also force patients to take a more active role in their own health. When you are paying for your own health care, you are more likely to make sure you are “getting what you pay for”, so to speak. Cutting out the middle man also leaves room to negotiate prices with your doc, and so will probably lower costs of face to face visits. For those who can’t afford health care, I am not opposed to doctors being reimbursed with a specific medical care fund from our taxes, and tax funded community clinics. Huntington Beach has a great clinic. Also, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical training and patient care needs to be GREATLY reduced.

  2. It is discourse such as this that is needed along with community ACTION and the elimination of entrenched career politicos that will allow America to lift itself out of the economic depression and the revitalization of American middle class as well as elimination of poverty. STAND UP be Counted!

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