Putting a halt to Political Entrenchment and domination of office




The entrenchment of political office by dominant families such as Hahn and Garcetti clans are making millionaires upon millionaires and are nothing but a merry-go-round of rhetoric, posturing, and useless theater. For example , take a look at the marketing machines that create these conglomerate campaigns for office, Recently successfully marketing  another Hahn clan member to office.  http://www.trippiandassociates.com/   it is exactly this type of  marketing that has created a vacuum of any legitimate discourse or viable candidates in the political arena, therefore giving  any visionary or legitimate candidate for THE PEOPLE  the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of even running for an election and no chance at all of being elected to office. REFORM REFORM REFORM

1. Stricter Term Limits

2.Eliminate marketing firms and lobbyists.

3. Independent campaign contribution monitoring.

4. Honest and real debate, discourse and service to the citizens.

5. Each and every candidate gets equal and fair share of air time on public net, air time etc. Nothing more, nothing less thereby eliminating the political “war chest” of campaign funds.

IT is Time to run the aristocracy out of L.A and the USA!



One Response to “Putting a halt to Political Entrenchment and domination of office”

  1. Yes. Absolutely. Well said.

    And it ads up to little unless we get rid of electronic voting machines and the criminals who tally the stolen elections. Can we finally start putting these felons in prison? Or are we too weak and inept to hold them accountable by any means necessary?

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