Jesus Christ,Spirituality, manifestation and enlightenment.

Perhaps once maybe twice in one’s life, will you experience an event or person that will completely and radically change one’s perception of the existence of God, the purpose of one’s own existence, happiness, and the universe.

I had always said, “I’m a Christian.” Having accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord, yet I did not fully practice my faith, continuing to sin.  Therefore I was disobedient to God’s will and separated from Christ.

Years ago I had recorded a song written about an infamous woman “Mary”  I had a keen interest in, in addition I made an object that has Mary’s images in it as well as Mary signed the object at a personal apperance 15 years ago. Surprise! I not only meet Mary but have a very unique and intense relationship with her.

Performing live I repeatedly said Mary’s name hundreds of times, recording Mary’s name , writing Mary’s name  ,the object with her images and the signature, affirmed the manifestation. Certainly this relationship would not have taken place without the unintentional manifestation.

Prior to this illuminating experience I had been virtually ignorant of the methods or  metaphysical esoteric aspects of manifestation.

Mary and I had no other connection Mary’s circle and mine did not intersect. Period the chances of us meeting were astronomical.

Unknowingly I had been sent to this person to not only help, but also to learn as the Holy Spirit summoned, I was transformed, a soldier for love and correctness to serve in the Good fight.


2 Responses to “Jesus Christ,Spirituality, manifestation and enlightenment.”

  1. I wish I had an idea on what this is about…???…???

  2. How can I best explain it to you? tahnx for reading, Ger-I

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