Lost International wot went right?

Venice Boys, Avery  and Tonan moved to  San Clemente employed making boards for J.Fallahe, who made  Alva skate boards. Tonan rooming with  Matt Biolas & Mike Reola introduced me to the SC crew. Under the first story of the triplex, a mini ramp and rehearsal studio provided recreation. The pillars bisecting the ramp made for great crashes. Reola schemed as Matt ,shaping by hand the first few Mayhems, said, “Dude its gonna be called Lost. I have the designs. Tonan surfs real good, so he is a team rider! Randall, Paul,Chicken etc were around for sure as all was just about to break loose.

It all began simple enough, all of it. The infamous night on Paseo Espalande. First of all, playing  a few #s with Poweredge an O.C skinhead band, exchanging quasi nazi salutes and skating the ramp with Nathan Fletcher and Tonan, quaffing large amounts of brew and 50-50 grinding the coping, I watched 3 or 4 tanned girls ascend the driveway. The  crashing surf traveling up the street the beach was so close as the sun shined brightly outside in San Clemente. Hell even the air tasted salty. In the continuiam I continued to consume mass amounts of herb and beer. Suddendly Tonan hollered for me to join him upstairs. Putting down the skateboard I climbed the stairs to the second floor exchanging salutations with Guido and Paul.Tonan inhaling giant bong loads of Kush while lifting weights, dropped the weights and in one breath introduced me to several of the most beautiful and air-headed girls in San Clemente.  “This is Ger-I, he is the Master of Ceremonies of the Venice Surf-A-Thon,” Tonan exclaimed, slapping me on the back.”Yeah I’m going home tonight but will return tomorrow” , I said. “All the way from Italy? the ditzy blond exclaimed. I glanced at Bumbo Rick and Chicken. They just rolled their eyes as to say go for it!

be continued


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    For all you folks dying to know how one of the most successful surf companies got of the ground.

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