The Art of Surfing Malibu

South swell arrived late yesterday evening, therefore  Malibu pt was the call. Selecting a 9’6″ nose rider, my partner and I paddled through the 50 odd person line up posting up at second pt. A major factor to catching a decent wave at ‘Bu on a swell is wave selection and assessing the crowd’s surfing ability in addition to confidence in one’s own ability.  Secondly be sure to make eye contact with all the surfers out in the line up and be friendly. I recommend allowing  a few waves to go by watching who is surfing well and who is kooking it.  Malibu is a wave that allows for more than one surfer, therefore be giving and  share if someone shoulder hops, it’s no big deal and you might have fun as I did today agreeing with my surf partner to share a wave, laughing, hooting, fading and accelerating down the line together. Finally if Big Al says, “Go” dont hold back or you will never catch a wave at Malibu again.


4 Responses to “The Art of Surfing Malibu”

  1. Sounds like a blast! I used to be a pretty radical spunger! Will they let me out or will I have shoot my way out and in?

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