Politics not as usual.

Americans, interested in your future yet? Ready to put down the drugs, the booze, the pornography ,the  senseless violence against each other, the idiotic movies, video games and television yet? Do you now realize that the current way of government is serving the interests of BIG business and not the CITIZENS?  Listen up! Do you think America can’t secure it’s own borders? Do you think the millions of  Mexican and Central American people are in  the USA by accident? This destruction of the American working class is by DESIGN. The destabilization of  the Mexican government (drug trade, mass murders etc)  is by DESIGN. America will invade Mexico in the next 5 years. The cross-polinization of Latin and Anglo America is by DESIGN. I am a perfect example, I never took a Spanish class in my life but I can speak, read and write fair to good Spanish.  Don’t be fooled any longer as to the agenda of  the two parties and especially the Nationalsozialistische or the Democratic and  Republican parties. They are two sides of the same coin. The Republican agenda to destroy workers unions, fair and decent working wages for not only Americans but world workers as well is well at hand. However the Democratic Party is as guilty as the GOP in their stacking of votes with unlawful residents and funding of groups such as RAZA and Planed Parenthood.
For example, the union busting going on with the attack on government workers. The Republican propaganda is to trick the average citizen into the ‘ol divide and conquer technique he as is the Democratic party in their use of terms such as “The war on women.” The actual war on women is conducted by the pornography and abortion industries, largely supported by Democratic party. Don’t be distracted by what government workers have in their contracts but be aware of what private sector workers DON’T HAVE in their contracts. Don’t rail against unions but against lobbies, against CORPORATIONS that send jobs overseas and GOVERNMENT that fails to tax and levy tariffs on this type of  greed. Rail against a Godless society that murders babies and approves of selling women for profit under a guise of liberty and choice. War on women? What sort of workers rights and protection are provided to pornography performers aka sex workers? They are used, abused, brutalized and discarded without any protection from state or federal statutes, law or code. War on women? What is so wrong with counseling a woman as to her choices and the ramifications of conducting abortion??Is it wrong to demand an abortion clinic have the same medical facility and licensing process as a hospital? Many women have died in abortion mills as well as are unable to bear children after an abortion.

Globalization, the elimination of God and the sanctity of life are key factors in the decline of American work force production, birth rate and the creation of a serf like population.

Dig what I’m writing? Stay tuned, join me in a peaceful demonstration in our dissatisfaction and bring honest government, honest working wages, jobs and prosperity to not only America but the world.


5 Responses to “Politics not as usual.”

  1. Cool Content…

    [..]Precisely what I was talking about in my previous article we do hope you folks like this blog[..]…

  2. i’m pickin’ up what you’re laying down…but with the sort of lean you have with your politics and then wrapping it all up with “religion” and anti pornography rants – unfortunately you’re gonna lose 90% of your (would be) audience.

    while i agree with you on drugs (i’ve never taken them and i’m 45) and alcohol (i quit years ago) and porn (not that big a fan)…i can’t say i’m a firm “believer” either…

    i can stay with you – but frankly i don’t believe most will take your leaning politics with your draping religion too – keep trying i reckon but it seems to me that the human race’s survival, the country’s overal health etc. is more important then Penthouse. all love and no critcism! paul

    • Thanx 4 reading, homie. I’ve seen the destructive, hurtful effects of the porn industry, first hand. If u have ever looked into the eyes of someone who has had their soul,physical and mental health and taken, you will understand. I’m obligated to tell this story and shed light on the topic. I’m also obligated to testify as to my spirituality. It is the lack of spirituality and the study of goodness that has led to this day.

  3. by the way…i’m gonna start reading your book right this minute. just finished “you can’t win” by the original “jack black” circa 1900. AMAZING READ…i gurantee you’ll LOVE IT.

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