National GNP expenditure !

The USA spends about 38% of  the GNP on  the infrastructure  to service and maintain the ( declining ) standard of living. The Robber Barron Republican party is attempting to legislate less expenditure  of GNP on the care of the citizenry in an attempt to cut expenses.

Countries that typically spend a smaller percentage of GNP on the care of the citizens tend to be poverty wracked nations with a poor standard of living ,high mortality  and  unemployment rates and low literacy percentage.   Haiti, Burma, Honduras spend about 18% to 12% off GNP on care of the citizenry

Countries that spend upwards of 45% of the GNP on the infrastructure and care of the citizens, tend to have a high standard of living, reduced crime rates, social medicine for all ,lower unemployment rates, and high rates of  literacy. i.e. Denmark, Luxemburg, Austria

The Point is don’t let the Republican  party agenda continue to drive the  quickly disappearing middle class into serfdom. Don’t buy into the idea that cutting services and more deregulation is going to improve American standard of living. Sure the Libertarian ideology of less government is best, however this is impossible to achieve as BIG Business owns the government. We need protection from BIG Business as well as the Republican Party. Return of tax rates on the  ultra wealthy to the percentage that the Clinton era  and the deficit is eliminated. Come on American WAKE  UP and demand more of yourself and the government. Break up the plutocracy before martial law is instituted.

LOOK at the evidence. Why do you think there is no immigration reform? The government is allowing for the shadow work force to drive down American working wages in combination with the  exportation of jobs  creating  unchecked unemployment of citizens. The burgeoning class of poverty stricken is just a  food or water shortage away from full scale rioting, giving the Brown Shirts the excuse they are waiting for to enforce martial law.

Do not be fooled  by the rhetoric and hyperbole of the Republican party. Don’t allow any more looting of the world, of Social Security and social programs.  American, your livelihood, your civil rights, your humanity are being eroded.The Supreme Court rules in the favor of allowing corporations a status equal to citizens, movement to reduce GNP spending on social infrastructure , the continued subsidies and bailouts of corporations and erosion of human and civil rights are all indicators of the build up of a  plutocratic –fascist  system of rule.


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  1. well said Ger-i

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