Your word and deeds are powerful, meaningful and have great consequence!

“You think your word is very small, that what you say will hardly count at all; But God can take the seed that you have sown and nourish it until it’s fully grown.”-Hess

Reading this quotation I thought about when I began the Venice Surf-A-Thon and the Venice Surf and Skateboard Association 20 years ago.

I wish to encourage everyone to do their best, know that your endeavors, words, thoughts and deeds are worthwhile!  Think positive as God and the universe hears your prayers and thoughts!

Thank you to all that have listened and supported my efforts to serve God and our community. Special request and dedication to  Jesus Christ, My Mom, Minami, Nancy Tsuno, The Mayorga  family, The Takamizawa family,Peck, Rob Alvarado, The Martinez family, The Zentor family, The Packem The Wade family,   Polar Bear, The Agnew family Paul Cullen, The Cullen family, Pastor Paul and Venice Church congregation, Mike Baldwin, The Baldwin family, CR Stycek III, Melanie Berry, Teri Craft and Dan Levy, Elias Lefferman, Rick Massey, The Massey Family, Cruz, Frainie, Frog, Alatori family, Janas, EG ,Steve Lake, Sector 9, Matt  Biolas and Mike Reola  @ Lost, Bob and crew @ Arbor, Melody Damayo, Maui and Sons, Big Daddy’s, Venice Paparazi, Lance Lamond, Scott Brown, Heidi Lemmon, The Eagles FOA, L.A County Lifeguards, Dennis Lyons, DL Jr, Avory Harness, Steve Shelp, Josh Klasman, Dale and Gina Henderson, The Casten family,Danny Treujo, Beowulf, Jesse Vocia, Craig Bonner, David “Is” Perz, Masao, Black Damon, Tuma, Carver Skateboards, Fun Crime , Jackson family,Dennis Romero,Greg Falk, Neil, Juice Magazine, Skipper Englblom, SMA skateboards,Scott Anderson, Anderson Surfboards, and all the surfers bands , helpers and participants that make the Venice Surf-A-Thon a success.


2 Responses to “Your word and deeds are powerful, meaningful and have great consequence!”

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