The continuing tale of “Mary”, the brutality and dehuminization of the pornography industry. part # 4

The extent of damage that has been inflicted on Mary is also of a physical nature. Mary has had several breast augmentations and the warranty has expired on the implants, her breasts are deformed, solidified, a possible  cancer risk or other health hazard as the implants can leak or burst. She was coerced in the past to have these augmentations in order to work in the industry. Mary also was coerced to receive steroid injections directly into  her vaginal area or clitoris, enlarging her clitoris abnormally. She revealed to me that her ex-husband had been the source of the coercion, scheming on ways to make Mary more desirable to consumers of pornography. Mary also was introduced to Clenbutal in order for her to remain at a contracted weight. Mary ingests a deadly concoction of Valium, alcohol and Clenbutal or other methamphetamine to keep working an exhaustive schedule of internet pornography, strip bars and internet prostitution, often until the results are complete exhaustion., seclusion and hospitalization.

Mary often expressed her fear of  cancer or related diseases from her long time ingestion of steroids yet her indoctrination in pornography and subsequent psychological acceptance of this treatment and behavior leads her to want larger breasts. I often explain to Mary, that she is beautiful without the augmentations, without Botox or other superficial enhancements. However her self-esteem is so low and the indoctrination of what is required to be desirable so complete, she rejects this opinion, stating, “I need big breasts, it is who I am. It makes me feel good.”   Please click the links to read the beginning of this sad but necessary blog. To be continued…

Want to help expose the harm porn does to society? wish to help out people trying to get out of porn or porn addiction?


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    Rebloging installations of a subject that is many wish not to be confronted with. Pornography destroys humans.

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