America! Fascism perfected #2

Achtung! American let me lift the yoke of fear and oppression from your consciousness. The last decade and a half, the specter of 9/11 has kept you in a state of terror. However the terrorist is not a Ak47 wielding, hijacking muslim. The terrorist resides on Wall Street, ifn the White House, Senate and Congress of the United States.  Citizen, your wealth has been extracted and resides in offshore bank accounts, your tax $ funds unnecessary and illegal wars to the tune of $12 billion dollars a day. Your tax $ fund illegal, covert and private quasi-military forces such as BlackWater. The unquestioned expenditure of $ for militarization has led to suppression of the growing American dissent. Realize American, the war is directed at you!  A class war waged on American citizens by the Aristocratic-Oligarchy. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of the deficit and DOMESTIC spending reduction. Want to balance the deficit? End the war. Return taxation to Clinton era percentages on the war profiteers such as Haliburton, end federal subsidies and tax loopholes that benefit corporations such as Monsanto, Standard Oil, and ATT. Examine the evidence. who is profitting? Who is suffering?


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