Pornograhers targeting children and youth.

Pornography’s brutality  is reaching the point to which the pornographers are running out of ideas. The brutalization and inhumane treatment of others has reched the point that viewers are demanding something other than the “regular”debasing, dehumanizing treatment of adults. Therefore children are increasingly targeted as the future commodity in the demented and immoral pornography industry.It is time to stop this inhumane treatment of humans as a perverted source of  entertainent and influence on abusive behavior. The First amendment of  the US Constitution has nothing to do with the right to produce and view pornography. The First amendment was created to give citizens a right to free speech in a political forum, not to destroy others and society with immoral and /or destructive media. Research has proven that viewing pornography leads to criminal, abusive, and anti-social behavior. Let us uplift humanity not exploit it. We are God’s creation.


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