American Guide Episode #11 How to read American Gang Graffiti 41st Gangster Crips

The 41st street Gangster Crip Graf. Located  around 41st Pl and Avalon Blvd. Los Angeles, California. The 41st Gangster Crip set is one of the oldest and nortorious Crip sets. Gang has had an injunction enacted on members for about 5 years now. I travel all through Los Angeles. My many years living and in paticuliar working for Recreation and Parks both county and City has afforded me friendships, knowledge and access to many areas where frankly you just could not go. Need a guided tour of L.A? Wish to see how Angelenos really live? Don’t book an average run of the mill generic tour. Book The American Guide! Eat the tatested local fair, see, breath and live what you see in the movies and what you dont see! There is no better way, no better real local feel,superior service than to see L.A , California and America than with me. One half the day you can be in a secrete spot in Malibu Canyon, the next at Venice Skatepark, and in the evening an exclusive movie screening for Dogtown Zboys. Without me, you have no access to the real Los Angeles.


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