Weather conditions and surfing Southern California.


50mph gust Venice 11:00am







1:30pm stormy, low tide, flat 1st pt Malibu.


3:30pm mid tide .unny, clean and empty!

Being a surfer means being a tune to the weather and tide conditions as well as knowing how a swell and wind will affect a surf spot. Case in point, Malibu 1st point to be specific. I knew that the storm front would blow through and with a hint of south in the swell, 1st point would get good in the late afternoon. I also knew most would by- pass the “Bu” as the stormy morning surf had most surfers staying indoors or heading to N/W facing beaches. No I did not check surf reports or internet sites. This knowledge is derived from decades of surfing the California coast. I knew intuitivly which section of the coast would be good and when. I just took a nap for a few hours and waited for the tide and wind to switch around.  I scored sunny, clean,  1st Pt. Malibu to myself, a rare treat indeed! When choosing a surf guide or instructor, ask for credentials and qualifications!

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