Topanga California surf shop, So What Surf,

motoring along the Malibu Canyon road enjoying the clear sky and rustic view, Danny, yes Scranny original lead vocals of L.A’s Wasted Youth (yea I can call him Scranny but you better not.) Turns scrathing his goatee says, “Lets go to Topanga.” “Good call bro,” I say, making a left on Mulholland  Dr, I gun the rented  2012 Mercedes GL 450 eastbound. Scranny and I are both of German decent and we appreciate German automotive precision. Scranny,  remarking with a minimal, “Kraft,”  (power in English)   nods apprecativly as our heads snap back in the leather head rests.

Arriving at Topanga village , I fondly reminisce the late 1960s early 1970’s memories of my childhood. I can smell the cacophony of fragrances’ and hear the California folk music of Neal Young wafting in the crisp canyon air.  Recalling the tiedye tshirts, fringe leather jackets and headbands, the scented candles, patueli oil, peace signs, marijuana, body oder  and the sense of freedom, as my mom would be nowhere to be found after slamming the door to the VW bug made me smile.

I have not been up here in a decade, at least.

Noticing a Surf shop sign hanging above a doorway and a gaggle of skaters hanging out playing a game of skate.  I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. Once a surfer always a surfer and a surf shop is the coolest shop of all. This is were stories of great swells are told,  leashes, surf wax, and the most precious item of all, the magical wave riding foil, yes; the surfboard is found.

So What Surf Shop is a throw back to the era of when surfers had character and individuality. The shop is a reflection of the passion to surf and live the dream. The owners of So What Surf reflect that individuality and style lacking in the mega surf shop warehouses. The shop, not much bigger than a broom closet is a the effort of two unique people. Will who hand shapes the sticks and Cat the manager. Cat an Italian immigrant raised in Inglewood, Ca, oozes passion and friendliness that is contagious. Gestering wildly and dramaticly like any good Italiana, she is attenative to all your needs and some! Matt’s boards are of handshaped quality  with the Topanga rustic hippie vibe, made for shrralping the classic right hand point break.   The shop  is a no frills, get what you came for shop, meaning boards, wax, leashes, a a few wetsuits and a selection of skateboards featuring good friend and Topanga resident Bart Saric’s Skater Made skateboards. Stop in say hey, to Cat as she will welcome you with a warm smile and plenty of love.

The beautiful Cat and one of Matt's boards.


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