Peace, Freedom, education and Surfing.The battleship Potemkin.

Crylic Potemkin

Having spent a life time on the beaches of the blue planet and of the many near and distant shores, Venice California is home and most familiar. I became aquainted with an art vender whom arrived everyday from Glendale. He said he was Russian yet I knew he was Arminian as soon as the Glen- left his lips, and before he could finish -dale I shouted, “Hyastan!” The look of surprise was noticable even though he wore dark aviator sunglassses. Ak is his name and he lived for many years in Moscow. I mentioned Gorkey Park, Glasnost , perastroyka and detante in one breath. Remenents of my brief Russian language and culture training courtesy of a tour of duty in Cold War Berlin. Ak noticed my surfboard. “Ahh yes, Potemkin”, I said lovingly of the 12’x20″ board. Ak again looked surprised. “What do you know of Potemkin?” We proceded to have a great conversation on Russian history and film making. Ak then wrote in Crylik Potemkin on the deck of the board.

AK and Ger-I

Educate yourself, put down the video games, the dope, the booze the pornogaphy, the gangsta life, all the worthless garbage. Let us celebrate our humanity, creativity and goodness. I will leave it up to you to explore and discover who,why,how,and what is Potemkin.


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