Spring Fashion @ 16161 Cahuenga boutique

 Forget the bling lets ROCK and ROLL!  Leather and denim. Remember Samson?  Sunset Strip 1986? No Well never mind. this is 2012! Only @ 1616 Cahuenga. All of the pieces except stretch tights are crafted on sight!  No China bunk here.  A dyed and shredded  t (takes hours),hand cut & studded leather belt ala The Runaways  (also takes hours) is  sensual, inviting and possibly miscreant.  The necklace a simple chain, powdered coated black matt with iron
pyrite stone and copper wrap sets off the Rock and Roll black purple perfectly. Last but not least the ubiquitous and
popular stretch tights a comfortable match!  Complete out the door (and ready for The Rainbow club or a Las Vegas weekender) $200.00




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