American Guide # 26 Seal Beach, California.

Seal Beach a typical So-Cal beach town, is located in between Long Beach and Huntington Beach. The town is off the radar for most surf or travel destinations as the famous Huntington Beach  draws the  international surfers and the  OC/Inland Empire hordes. Which suits the Seal Beach crew just fine!. The surf crew is – and generally friendly as long as you have etiquette and show respect for the locals. Being a lifeguard I am particularly impressed with the Seal Beach Lifeguards and their Junior Lifeguard program which is a great wholesome program for youth to be on the fast track to success in any endeavor. The Seal Beach  vibe is most assuardly surf with a proud waterman history. Jack Haley a  great benefactor to Seal Beach and surfing  and legendary Harbor Surfboards shop are pillors of Seal Beach surf cuommunity. 

As far as the surf is concerned Seal Beach’s main spot is the pier and secondary but juicy shorebreak peaks up and down the beach.  Generally Seal Beach is best on a North/ West swell and If large enough the  San Gabriel River mouth @ Alimotos bay will produce a beauty of a wave! south swells sneek in seal Beach swell window and can produce good surf also.


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