American Guide #27 Gardena, California

Gardena California’s most popular attraction has been long gone for 25 years or so. the Ascot Speedway, were all of So-Cal showed up to watch exciting flat-track, speedway motorcycle races and other thrilling motor sports and many have bemooned the demise of the famed motorspeedway. Yet fear not intrepid explorer of L.A and beyond, there is still much to see, hear and taste in Gardena! 

Gardena is another one of those small towns in the midst of the mega -tropolis know as L.A .(say it like El Ey) home to many of the Issei (first generation Japanese) and their off spring, Gardena hosts one of the five original Judo clubs re-formed after the Japanese internment at the Gardena Japanese Cultural Institute which house a Japanese language school and other cultural activities such as ukulele lessons. Beauty and interesting architecture is where you find it and one must be observant. Just take a look at the Art Nuevo Architecture  of the Gardena  Post Office! 

 Gardena Blvd, between Normandie and Western was once upon a time  the center of Gardena commerce known as  downtown. Now mostly an after thought to Asian, Black  and White residents, the boulevard is home to mom and pop Latino clothiers, bakeries and restaurants. I will write reviews on several of these restaurants in the near future as the fare far from average and is in fact delicious!    


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