selected Reading from 1978 Crashed Memories.

First and foremost, thank you Tequila Mockingbird and Roger Rave curators and friends at The Punk Museum of Los Angeles, California. I am humbled, flattered and honored to have been invited to perform a reading of 1978 Crashed Memories! Wow!

To begin, working at 1616 Cahuenga Boutique in Hollywood California, boutique owner and fashionista supreme Joanna said, “Hey Ger-I, Tequila Mockingbird is out back.” Gosh, I have not seen Tequila in 30 years.” I replied. (Yes smartypants, I really do use words such as gosh and dang as I am clean many ways.) Rushing out the door, searching high and low for Tequila I looked directly at her not recognizing her. Tequila noticing me first, said “Hi Ger-I!” Wow! Tequila Mockingbird holier than thou, writer, author, publisher and keeper of Rock&Roll secrets and mysteries is speaking to me! (Which was more than I ever got back in “78”!)
Long and the short of it? Tequila invited me to The Punk Museum to perform a reading!

Thank you so very very much to all who showed up and supported my feeble efforts at conveying the apogee of L.A and the world’s musical expressionism, Punk Rock!


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