American Guide #29 Farmers Market in Farfax District Los Angeles, California

“Meet me at Fairfax and 3rd.” I have seen this arcane sign for at least 45 years now. As a youth our family often visited Farmers Market in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, California. Yes, this area at one time in the not so distant past was an actual farmer’s exchange. Well, much has changed since then as the CBS Telvision studious has been demolished and a huge open space mall with the latest trendy franchise eateries, stores and mindless trappings of mall culture has been built around Farmers Market. Yet to my (and counisuirs of culinary treats and craft expertise) surprise (and relief) the atmosphere of a simple, relaxed and decent good old time have not changed!

To begin a very brief history is in order.The market started when a dozen nearby farmers would park their trucks on a field to sell their fresh produce to local residents. The cost to rent the space was fifty cents per day. For certain the stall are much more than fifty cents a day however fresh produce is still available 7days a week.

The Farmers Market is known more for the fabulous and varied selection of delicious food! regional and exotic, sweet and sour the selection is as varied as the demographics of L.A! German butchers, Mexican bakeries, Chinese Dim Sum, Filipino Adobo, Polish Keilbasa and potatoes, cakes, confections and candies all vie for the attention and consumption of you, the lucky and devoted Foodie and American Guide reader! The variation and sheer volume of product is to enormous to sample in one day! Reliving my childhood I had to stop by one of the confectioners and buy Salt-Water Taffy! Of course everything is made on premisis and is just as delectable as when I was a youth.
Chomping down on the Taffy, closing my eyes I listened to my grandma and grandpa voices, grandma’s southern drawl and grandpa’s funny Jewish-Austrian-Hungarian accent chiding, “Now dont you eat it all, sugah.” ” Du must save something fur your bruddah.” Yes, meet on Fairfax and Thrid for a good wholesome time, something that is sorely lacking in this day and age.


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