American Guide #31 Tamara’s Tamales, Marina Del Rey, California


Friends family and tamales! Stopping in to Tamara’s Tamales is going home for me . Tamara and family are as dear a friend as there is, having known Tamara for over 30 years! Tamara’s Tamale restaurant and kitchen has been in business for 18 years and has one won many culinary awards they are to numerous to list. However I will mention two of the many that I feel are most prestigious #1 Blue Ribbon the Tamale Museum ! and #2 a loyal and happy customer base that returns year in year out for the tastiest most nutrition tamales on the planet! The secret? Tamara’s recipes are of family tradition and a labor of love. these recipes are handed down over decades and generations of tamale crafting tradition! Yes Tamara is a generational tamale meistra, having learned the craft from her charming and wise mother Alice When arriving at Tamara’s you will be greeted with a smile and a warm hello, the food will be just as friendly to your palate and will satisfy your soul as well as the ingredient used are made from scratch and without preservatives. Do stop in and be sure to ask about seasonal delicacies! Finally Alice’s knowledge and expertise is of such that her book Tamales 101 has been in print for over a decade! t


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