Suicidal Family!

1978 by Ger-I Lewis This is the buried story to the origins of Suicidal Tendencies and the genre known as Skate Rock. The details you wont hear from others as one  they don’t even know or two, some wish to dismiss history.  No, the band was not known as Suicidal Tendencies as we did not even really know how to play. However this is the very origin as to what would become not only the band but the Suicidal Culture as well. “We started playing with Abel Espinosa Ray, Doug,Carlos Egert, Mike Ball, Froggy , Paul Cullen and Talking Frad in my grannies garage , The Pumpkin House ,and Chaz’ house, we had some good riffs soon after Mike Ball and Carlos began playing with The Dunigan brothers and we actually had a few #s.  I bailed to Hawaii soon after.”-Ger-I Lewis 1978


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