whats new at 1616 Cahuenga Fashion Boutique. Hollywood , CA

Sue love Lee in a custom fited 1978 print



Joanna is at her best finding unique artists and attire just for the discerning fashion experience. What 1978 is not is a brand created out of thin are for the masses of retail clones beating down the doors of giant retail chains for their black and grey  Christmas bargains What 1978 brand is truth. Created from the memoirs of Punk Rocker Ger-I Lewis’ Crashed Memories of an L.A Punk Rocker. The hoodie is hand stitched with dental floss true to Lewis’ Punk roots and screen is hand pulled. Each piece is unique  signed. Christmas deal is get your order in by Dec 5th. 50% deposit required for custom orders.

The Tshirts and book deal are 50.00 shipping included. signed copy of 1978 Crashed Memories and a t-shirt. Please specify size and style *( men’s or women’s) ThanxWhat you get? A signed copy of the book 1978, a custom made, unique piece, and an opportunity to help out a few kids tens of thousands of miles away living in a mud hut learn to read and write. Can you dig it? All proceeds are donated to MLD school Mocas, Mindanao, P.I Thanx all, God Bless



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