Chad Rizalvi lives! Christ, Salvation and Sanctification

jehovaDrinking, Drugs and Punk Rock had been a part of my life for decades and as in the years past a spring evening night in 2006 was no different and included the prerequisite of drugs, alcohol before a punk rock show and also, as usual the accompanying violence. As the blood drained out of the gaping knife wound in my side, I slipped into semi conscience, I recall the sticky, warm sensation of the blood on my hands as I attempted to stop the bleeding.  Hundreds of people, many so-called friends and life-long associates witnessing the incident stood by uncaring or to shocked to react, to this day I don’t really know.. Very few friends came to my aid and even fewer to the hospital I had been admitted to. As the incident was deemed a violent/criminal act and for my protection I was given an alias, Chad Rizalvi not many could locate me. Obviously I survived the incident and that is not the point I’m getting at or is it? I learned the knife had not only punctured my lung but pierced my heart also by all MD’s accounts I should have died. During my recovery I received allot of pressure  from the neighborhood to retaliate against the perpetrator.Yes,I knew as well as hundreds of others the guy who stabbed me. He had been arrested by the Santa Monica Police Dept.

As I mentioned a  tremendous amount of pressure from the neighborhood not to testify against the fellow was leveled at me, from direct threats to people avoiding me as not to seem taking sides. Having escaped death, I felt a new reverence for life and the presence of God and I began attending my childhood church, the Venice Church and reading the Holy Bible. My relationship with Yeshuwa (Jesus) and Jehovah (God) began to grow as I my understanding of the bible  and God’s will.  Having studied a fair amount of western philosophy such as Aristotle, Plato, and Seneca as well as  Zen Buddhism in Japan in addition to earning a degree in Japanese language and culture, for years I  had been of the opinion God does not exist and the path to the truth is through intellectual  thought and reason. However science could not afford me an answer as to why I did not not die being stabbed in the heart and lung nor did science give me an answer as to how to handle my dilemma with the neighborhood. The sanctification of my spirit had begun, as I asked Christ Jesus how to handle the problem. I was afraid, indignant and angry. Yet most of all weary of living by the code of the world. I cried out to the Lord, “Help me  Lord.”  to be continued


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