Before the End of Time there is Frontside Grind (the band)! Skate Rock Venice, California

Frontside Grind before the end of time! Prior to the sale of skateboarding to the highest bidder and the demise and sanitation of free thought, creativity, and liberty brought on in part by this curse known as the internet,  a sub-culture of society’s outcasts ran amok in, on, above and below of what is now known as  Douchetown errrrr Silicon Beach. Languishing in the Maryjane laced sunshine, putrid, garbage and graffiti strewn pavilion we did our thing. Sure “the man” was down on us yet we never let “em” see us sweat, if you know what I mean and if you don’t know may God in heaven help you as I sure cant.  Home is where the heart is and the heart has been bought, sold and transplanted and what now exists is sponsored by Google and Massengel.

“Front Side Grind in my mind/sk8n aint no crime”-Ger-I

FSG -1995 Jesse, Craig, Ger-I, Craig


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