American Guide # 32 Big Allan Sarlo (the mural).Wave Killer!

bigal[1]” Allan Sarlo aka “Big Al”, is one one cat who actually lives up to the often over used term iconic! Big Al has always been larger than life since high school days. Physically imposing, he was the first shinning star out of the former ghetto by the sea, (Venice,CA) I was aware of and indirectly a part of my life since the early 70s having grown up in the same neighborhood. Allan possess a flair for the flamboyant and he blew minds rolling up to the Venice Breakwater in the mid 70s in a Rolls Royce!  A real surf hero! Aside from theatrics and showmanship the guy can flat out surf and earned the nickname Wave Killer as he literally destroys the wave with his powerful surfing style. Allan has also been dubbed The King of Malibu Point taking that title from Robbie Dick (debatable) and has not been dethroned in three decades. Well I happened to be cruising  on 4th street at Ashland in Santa Monica , CA and there is Big Al,  the Wave Killer, 50′ tall and larger than life, doing what he does best, getting tubed!




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