Empires End’s. America.

romanMy friend, the end of American empire is upon us I most certainly believe. Most any student of history will at  least casually agree, a tell tale sign of the disintegration  of empire is the inability of the citizens of said society to communicate and/or perform basic functions such as arithmetic. Case in point ” Have a good one.” “What happened?” are commonly used colloquial terms to express  the sentiment of  I did not understand and Thank you.  For example today as  I purchased an item at the store I ask the clerk to double bag the milk. She replied, “What happened.”  Furthermore when paying and receiving the change from a $20.00 bill,the clerk simply dumps the change in my hand and says “Have a good one” First of all the inability of the clerk to count change is maddening and they perform their function as something akin to a robot. Secondly the lack of understanding of what they are attempting to communicate is  not only frustrating but saddening as one realizes they don’t even know what they are saying or doing. Simply mumbling an amalgamation of words that generally make no grammatical or contextual sense and slovenly relaying on the automation for thinking is a sure indication the end is very near . Finally I will leave you with this sad  account of the state of  affairs.Playing basketball at Pan Pacific park I notice an adolescent perhaps 12 years old facing the shrubs adjacent to the basketball courts. I see he has his pants down and is urinating. I tell the kid to go use the bathroom. The resulting expletives from the youth and absolute disrespect for my person hood and or any acknowledgement/understanding of me being an adult was most certainly a sad state of affairs. Furthermore the fact that not one person other than myself  had any sense or sort of responsibility to correct the youth in his errant ways is further evidence  the end is near. I am sure you all have heard the expression “It takes a village to raise a child” Well it appears the village is sicker and more afraid than child.


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