CRSIII Installation. (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, California.

Angels Flight the funicular  a refurbished and renovated antiquity of turn of the century technology and transportation provides the vehicle to physically move me from South Olive Ave up across Bunker Hill. I rise in elevation and disembark walking briskly to  a shinning and brilliant house of  reflection, expression and emotions, a place the new world order attempts to extinguish with the agencies of regulation and acronyms of oppression. Who knew?  A place where free thought lives! Dig this you gone daddy, the museum known to Angelenos as MOCA.  Standing before the  kaleidoscopic of text, colors and images from Los Angeles’ past mounted in relief, suddenly a Roughneck yells hoarsely “Clamp off that pipe” Other shouts and whispers echo of a  bygone and buried era burst into life as the director in riding crops shouts, “Action!”  Hey, where is that director anyways?

CR Stecyk III’s  combinations of letterpress printing, serigraphy, photography, airbrushing, printing, and relief painting based on architectural fragments from Bunker Hill provide the mental vehicle to the strains, heartache, triumph, corruption and modalities of life Los Angeles cica 1925! Faith,Hope,Charity. Not just a your average streets,CRSIII not just your average artist.



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