What is new at 1616 Cahuenga Boutique Spring Arrivals! Hollywood, CA

DSCI0099Yes I know dear reader it has been to long and you have been sitting on pins and needles just waiting for JoAnna’s  delectable and tasty fashion treats and yes darhling a few tricks too! To begin feast your eyes on the scrumptious blue  teddy inspired and the black crochet minis in the window! Only $55.00! Purrrrfect for an outing down to the klatchtante with the vipers or  an evening at Hollywood’s Viper Room! Oh my, did I say vipers, dahling? Oh you know, I am such a trouble maker. Well what’s the harm in a little fun? I’m sorry but I have to dash out but I will leave you with the skinny on the fabulous metal and acrylic butterfly sculpture in the south display window . The piece is hand crafted with precision and care and are limited to custom orders. The butterfly is exquisite and alluring, capturing spring  eternal and a child’s beautiful innocence.  An absolute must have for home or garden!$3,500.00DSCI0090DSCI0092


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