American Guide #33 Venice, CA Murals

Being  a native Angeleno the insight of a lifetime of exploration and a sixth sense of  the unique is at your beck and call. I’m warning you one could search for weeks maybe years and never uncover the nuggets of  wonder I write about. Well let’s get started shall we?  My surprise at the preservation of a mural completed during my adolescence is certainly cause for celebration. Tucked among the well to do enclaves in the now affluent Silicon Beach aka Venice, CA remains a wonderful and vibrant homage to the women of Los Angeles and their love of the beach and Venice.  Breath in the salt air and listen to the ocean in it’s moods as you view the  artists’ mindful and exuberant  portrayal. Allow your mind to rest and wonder as arm in arm the women from Flapper, Victorian and,1930 eras  joyfully wave in the surf , the archetypal 70s  skater  gracefully glides by and a  the bundled up and shawl glad grandma totes her basket along the boardwalk.
mural[1] mural[1]


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