American guide #37. Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles

Crack! The impact of cowhide colliding with a 36 oz piece of lumber swung by a muscled big leaguer is unmistakable and once you hear it you will never forget it. The residents of long forgotten Chavez Ravine will also never forget the bulldozers, sheriffs, attorneys and thugs that forced the mostly American-Mexicans from their barrio, to construct Dodger Stadium. Check it out friend I’m not going to translate for you any more! Ok,ok just this one last time. I know I always say that and I always end up translating for you anyways. Barrio is Spanish for neighborhood or loosely ghetto. Take your pick and make it snappy as I don’t have all day.Stick and move,homie. Stick and move. Well dig it now that I’ve got your attention, look into it. Truth seekers wont find their story in the “Official” Dodger history books. Why is the street sign also in Chinese? you ask. Stay tuned to this blog friend, stay tuned. Hey hand me that bag of peanuts will ya?




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