Rest in Peace Ann Doll. May 7th 2013

ann doll #2Death the final earthly frontier. At times it arrives unexpectedly, suddenly like  the prophetic thief in the night. Stealing away the gift that we  take for granted and now only realize will not return.

Ann Doll! So quick witted and sarcastic a walking razor if there ever was and yes I watched your size!  Beloved Ann, more talent in your little pinky finger than the world itself posses. Oh how existence can be so cruel and unforgiving and just as kind and yielding of the beautiful. Ann in a few strokes of a paint brush you captured the beauty, horror, pain and glory with an unparalleled exquisiteness and breathtaking style.  You read between the lines so well, maybe to well. Heck you even went surfing with me. Now that was a gas! Love you girl, Rest easy and in peace.

“We walked past the famous Malibu brick wall where all the locals hung out. Carrying my purple and pink Clyde Betty “Rocket Fish” surfboard with my dyed bleach blond hair, Ann doll in tow with her pale white makeup and jet black hair, we immediately incurred the wrath of the surfer lames. Catcalling, “Fag go back to Hollywood and Punk sucks. ” The surfers laid into us heavy. ” Fuck off and die” Ann shot back! Doubling down she then yelled “Go brush your hair, dorks.”-1978 Crashed Memories

ann doll #3


2 Responses to “Rest in Peace Ann Doll. May 7th 2013”

  1. Elaine Townsend Says:

    Please post this on Annie’s facebook page: ann balter

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