Idiot Generation and the virtual prison cell.

train_350_013012030223Yeah it’s me again old skoo foo, aka Ger-I. How ya’ll been? Please excuse the lack of posts I’ve been enjoying the nice and steady pulse of an early summer south swell and will have a nice report up in a few days for you surf hounds, puppies, and groms.  As I just wrote I’m old school man, yeah if you dribble the ball up by your shoulder or your hand is on the side or under the ball it’s travelling, man. Get the ying yang outta here G-Money and don’t forget to lift  your stupidly over sized  shorts, over your knee, when you attempt to play defense. Wasted motion, wasted energy, wasted time. Form must equal functionality. So where am I gong with this roundball rant you are no doubtlessly asking .

To begin, I was practiclly run over twice crossing Wilshire and Westwood Blvds this week, (just perhaps the busiest intersection in on the westside of L.A and perhaps the U.S ) by two seperate drivers both texting or watching their hand help devices. I am just so very disgusted  and actually disheartened  with the inability of people to interact with nature and with one another on a physical plane.  The lack of attention of walkers, bikers, joggers, drivers, etc, all tuning in their personal jail cell of virtual close mindedness, this cocoon of  selfishness and isolation is beyond maddening.  Why must one continue shutting out the esoteric as well as banal senses of the world? Must one always have headphones on and an be staring at an  Iphone?  There is nothing more pleasurable than hearing the wind rush by as I ride a skateboard pell- mell down hill oh yeah, I want to hear if a car is approaching. It is incomprehensible a skater would ride in a crowded or empty skatepark for that matter with earphones in. Furthermore , the grating irritation and melancholy resign of realizing  manors, such as looking at a person when speaking to them is beyond the current generation’s grasp of civility.   I am certain the establishment is in on the fix, creating  social inept citizens, completely incapable of self  expression or thought.  NDAA what’s that? Is it like MDA? No man, let me explain it to you in a way you can’t understand.a_zyklon_wrapper


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