A View from the stage (and rehearsal) Col KLINK

mitch and GerMitchell says, ” I have to much going on inside my head and this distracts your body and mind from being able to concentrate on keeping perfect time. It’s there you got it in you…it’s as if you just give up or become distracted with your thoughts.”  I believe Mitchell is correct in his observation. Timing and staying on the beat have been the largest deficiency of my musical  repertoire since grade school. Dancing and musical training were not part of my household. (However music appreciation was). I tried Cello and Bass in middle school yet I was was unable to pay strict attention to the instruction especially the  music reading and yes the toe tapping and metronome.  I was afraid to dance (with or without girls) and the first type of dancing I took part in was what became know as slam dancing. It had a rhythm and meter to it for sure just not conducive to keeping time. 30 years ago, I began writing music with a guitar untrained and as fate would have it, my natural groove is off tempo or off beat. 32nd 16ths and 8ths yet on the 3 or 5  like some insane yet overly sensitive  jazz player only thing is, I am writing punk rock/rock. Enter Mitchell Schaffer, a  John Lennon type if there ever was, a trained musician/actor/dancer. Now this cat can write a song, dance and oh boy can he harmonize and hit the high notes. However what Mitchell lacked if anything at all is what the Lord has blessed me with. You see I can write a hook and a melody. Well good ‘ol Mitchell and I have been writing and jamming and to his credit the guy is as patient as Mr. Rogers. Teaching me and working on my timing day in night out. We have been jamming at little clubs and such putting in work with acoustic sets. We are known together as COl KLINK and will have a full set as well as a full Rockn band very soon. “I just want you all to stop and think”


Looking forward to seeing ya’ll out there! thanx!




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