Art is all around you. Custom building and fabrication

DSCI0088 DSCI0072 DSCI0076 DSCI0081 DSCI0086The past week I have been sweating up a storm in Pasadena, building a custom fence with  general contractor and friend Rob Alvarado. Rob  designed the fence and he and I built the custom fabricated aluminium frame with acrylic inset panels. The job took about two weeks and looks fabulous. The unique concrete aggregate wall set on a custom frame gives a contemporary “exclusive”  type feel to the home as well. Check the detail in the welding, painting and fit of the panels. Told ya, man. Custom made and nice! The home owner is very happy with the job and ordered a similar fence and cabana for the pool area.  Building  is another facet of my desire to create, I enjoy it as much as  crafting songs and prose. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have a project. Sensitive, artistic and professional. Heck I will even sing a song or sign a copy of a book for ya too if you like!


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    Looks amazing Todd!

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