Growing up American So-Cal style. Tid -Bits and excerpts from 1978 Crashed memories (the book)


The hot asphalt blistering my feet, purposely barefoot, I careen down hill the Pacific ocean in the distance, reliving an adolescence that I am increasingly ever more grateful to have lived. The skateboard, invented by surfers to simulated the flow on concrete when the surf is flat. Yes the simple four wheeled contraption that delivers both the exhilaration of a free ride and the pain of road rash and broken bones in an instant and simultaneously! I am so very stoked to be able to still skateboard!

Suzanne lived in this Pacific Palisades neighborhood, My first real girlfriend in our heyday of the L.A Punk Rock explosion I have written about in 1978 Crashed Memories of a Punk Rocker. Suzanne’s family has long since moved but the neighbors remember her and the Carlin family well! The salt laced ocean breeze in my face and hot asphalt burning my feet brought me back to a fantastic time in my life as a careened downhill. Rolling up to Clifftop Dr. I half expected Mr. Carlin to appear and chase me off…again.

Excerpt from 1978 Crashed Memories- Over looking Topanga Point, I asked Suzanne why she is a PunK Rocker. She had everything. Or so I thought. Sighing she replied, “You wouldn’t understand.” -1978


2 Responses to “Growing up American So-Cal style. Tid -Bits and excerpts from 1978 Crashed memories (the book)”

  1. jason honea Says:

    Dig it!

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