Getting Clean, Staying sober and enjoying the grace of God! Surfing in His wake.


Much of my life had been steeped in ego and just like that cactus it can get really painful when jabbed by needles of consequence! Big man on the outside. Hurt crushed little boy on the inside. Mommy beat me and daddy abandoned me. I never knew how to be a man, so the world taught me to be a man. I will spare ya the long, long story of drug/alcohol abuse,self abuse and abusing others. I know you don’t have time for it, Or do ya? How did a self absorbed, insecure and otherwise spent individual redeem himself? To begin it was not easy.Long and short of it is I had to surrender to the will of God and take it one day at a time. Surfing has always been a favorite activity of mine and is as close to walking on H20 as it gets I reckon. Thank you for your grace, praise and glory to the risen King, Christ Jesus.


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