Tid Bits and What not from 1978 Crashed Memories (The Book) Black Flag

chuckNever mind over hill and dale, the short cut to  grandma’s house was through the Santa Monica airport. Mind you sonny boy this was wayyyyyyy before 911 the Patriot Act and other legislative handcuffs on our liberty and freedom. If you can believe this, the airport had perhaps one or two cops and they never showed their presence on this side of the municipal airport. Cutting through the sleepy airport I proceeded to jump the fence at the  National Guard/Army Reserve compound. That is when I noticed the hulk, resting in between several other nondescript vehicles. What a find! A London double decker bus. Holy crap, I exclaimed as I rushed to peer in the windows of the anglo- built  machine. Excitedly I jumped the fence and ran to Rick’s house to inform him of the great news. Rick being an industrious guy as well his dad being a mechanic had tools and most importantly bolt cutters. Returning to the bus, Rick quickly clipped the pad lock holding the folding doors secure. The bus had been converted with several bedrooms and bathrooms. Rick git the DC battery power working and we proceeded to commandeer the bus, making it our headquarters and command post for strategic planning. Most importantly we had a place to bring girls. We dubbed the bus “Mission Control” where we launched our meat missiles. After a few Black Flag gigs, I brought all of Black Flag sans Kieth and Dez to the bus to drink and  fool around with Punk Rock girls. Chuck and Robo seemed to like the bus the best out of the Black Flag guys.



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