American Guide #44 Terry Senate Custom Surfboards.

I've heard this story before, man.

I’ve heard this story before, man.

Good old Terry Senate, gregarious,  pleasant, and hungry! I always seem to show up when he is eating or he is always eating when I show up, take your pick. Terry is the Yogi Bear of the surfing world,so watch out Mr. Ranger and keep your eye on that picnic basket! All joking aside, Terry is a real cool cat and I am grateful for his longtime friendship. Now let’s get down to the foam core of it all. Terry is a master craftsman and board builder. He got his start just like most every shaper with his square and planer, hewing out blanks under the tutelage of other master surfboard builders. Terry’s shaping career began in the early 70s at Infinity surfboards under Steve Boehene and Ben Aipa, two heavy cats with surfing and shaping credentials as long as the wait at your local DMV office in California. Terry has decades of time and experience in the salty stuff and the itchy stuff (The ocean & foam dust for all you uninitiated) shaping a minimum of 12,000 surfboards.I really dig Terry’s stinger designs, they ride sweet and loose, having learned from the directly from inventor of the Stinger himself, Ben Aipa, brah! I dig Terry’s shop as it is very friendly, hands on and personal. The master shaper has time for the client and is willing to listen to what you want and need out of a surfboard. Stop on through (and bring a sandwich) Terry Senate Surfboards is located at 208 Calle De Los Molinos San Clemente, CA 92672. Tell him Ger-I sent ya and don’t foget to watch the video to hear a fantastic surf story from Terry. Really, I would write on it but I don’t want to steal his thunder!
(949) 361-1740


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