Surfing ,Pacific Coast Highway, and Jesus Christ.


God works in mysterious ways and it is about time once again I testify to His greatness and living miracles. I don’t have it all together. For certain I have been struggling with life in a very personal way as well as being totally aghast at the current events that have just about overwhelmed the populace. I don’t believe I would be alive today if not for Christ Jesus and his ministry. Whoa! right there you say? I’m out of here. Don’t need any washed up surfer/punkrocker/veteran telling me about God, you say. Come on man, hear me out. First lets get into the way back machine.Set the dial to 1974,Sherman. Yeah,man! That”s me all right! (funny looking pants, I know. They were called flairs. Got them at a place named Sears Roebuck) A whole lot of firsts going on here, first drink of beer, smoking my first joint…

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