Ghetto House gassing and Glassing.

DSCI0010Whoa boy, did I ever surprise Paul! as soon as he recognized me he stopped what he was doing unmasking as his jaw actually dropped. Ger-I Lewis! Duuuuuuuude. I will save you the details as to a heartfelt reunion. Other than I am stoked to report on the homies business which is in the heart of the San Clemente Mafia’s murders row.Production,top quality craftsmanship, and high octane performance is what the customer will receive with each and every glassing order at Ghetto House.Resin,fiberglass, and the associated materials are not recommended for an amateur, such as yours truly. Bring your fiberglass, epoxy, carbon fiber, and other tech needs to a professional. Ghetto house has been laying down the cloth and resin for for top industry leaders such as Lost for decades. Ask for Paul, tell him Ger-I sent ya.
start here if you want to know how it all got off the errrr ground?


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