American guide #46 Triping south of L.A Oceanside, CA

DSCI0022Tripping just a bit futher south my next stop is the beaches of Oceanside affectionately know as Oside. The side is first and foremost a MILITARY town! Semper Fi and a respectful salute to all the military personnel in and around Oceanside and nearby Camp Pendleton. Oceanside is primarily a winter time spot exposed to the north and west swells of the mighty Pacific Ocean. However in the summer there is warm playful surf. Rolling up to the harbor area, I take in Oside as it is so slow going and such a pleasant change of pace from the slam-bang hustle and jive of L.A. The sun is out and blistering the backs and hides of locals and I join them in the surf enjoying the saltiness of the ocean as it dries on my lips and I bash a few aqua lips on my new Plecbo!Yeah life is good. “I gotta quit tripping on her, I can’t bring her to sobriety, I can’t save her,” I talk to myself. Oh yeah that is another blog entry.This is the travel blog. Whoops, back to the action, G. As I said, I dig Oside the slow pace of life, the local spots as they all have to do with either the ocean, the military or food. Yeah food. Since I got clean I just eat and eat and eat…oh yeah that is another blog entry as well. Ok where was I? The FOOD! Be sure to stop at the taco joint right next to the bowling alley. I forgot to take a pic and the name. Next time down.

Well I am on a mission here, you see I have a piece of the of one of the Original Dogtown skater crew’s super secrete lo-cals, G money. Yup a piece of Gonzos, man. Come on do I have to explain it to you? Really? Ok, I dig. Gonzales’pool was an empty swimming pool in Mar Vista that was made legendary by the Dogtown crew. Yup the skaters. What you say? Yeah they finally sold the house and the pool was filled in last year . Well you ask again, why am I driving around in San Diego county with a 5Lp piece of Los Angeles history and lore? I’m dropping it off,man to THE CAT. EX Pat and DT legend Wes Humpsted, man.

wes at Gonzo's

wes at Gonzo’s

Thas right, another heavy home run hitter. Look man, if this was baseball it would be as if I had just left Sammy Sosa’s crib and am heading to Babe Ruth’s place except these cats don’t cheat, dig it? No steroids and corked bats here G-Money! They are legit craftsmen, one of kind originators and icons of their fields. I don’t toss around these adjectives like so many bags a peanuts, pilgrim. Rolling up to Bulldogs place homeboy is affable and gregarious, as I soak in all the history. I know when I am in the presence of history and talent, ok. I don’t ask to many questions as a plate of spaghetti and all the fixings is set before me by Wes’ gracious girlfriend. I just listen to the history and take in all the incredible and art that is also set before my eyes. My what big eyes you have grandpa! You would too, you lil grom as this is truly a treat and not just any salty-dog, tanned and scrapped up skate -rat is getting a gander at this treasure trove of talent. Shoving off Wes hooks me up with a super nice downhill skate for my up and coming 400 mile, long distance skate, Thanx BULLDOG, for everything bro! dwnhill DSCI0015 (2)

DSCI0016 (2)

DSCI0018 (2)


DSCI0021 (2)


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