Chad Rizalvi lives! Christ, Salvation and Sanctification

In light of the Zimmerman verdict.


jehovaDrinking, Drugs and Punk Rock had been a part of my life for decades and as in the years past a spring evening night in 2006 was no different and included the prerequisite of drugs, alcohol before a punk rock show and also, as usual the accompanying violence. As the blood drained out of the gaping knife wound in my side, I slipped into semi conscience, I recall the sticky, warm sensation of the blood on my hands as I attempted to stop the bleeding.  Hundreds of people, many so-called friends and life-long associates witnessing the incident stood by uncaring or to shocked to react, to this day I don’t really know.. Very few friends came to my aid and even fewer to the hospital I had been admitted to. As the incident was deemed a violent/criminal act and for my protection I was given an alias, Chad Rizalvi not many could…

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