American Guide #48 Filipino Cuisine in Carson. Hapag Filipino

Ginataang-LangkaDropping off several boxes destined for MLD School, Mindanao, at the LPG cargo and shipping office, I began to notice plenty of Filipino stores and especially restaurants. The more restaurants I saw the more my stomach began to growl . I passed by several larger places and settled for a small out of the way, non -discript   strip mall on Carson Blvd. The two giant Samoan fellows entering the tiny shop tipped me off to the possibility this place will have good food.  In the front of the place a steam table was stocked with lots of staple Filipino food, Lumpia, Panset, & Adobo all made daily and very  fresh.  I decided on the Ginataang-Langka which is is unripe jackfruit cooked in coconut milk.  As I decided on the the Ginataang-Langka, I also noticed the ubiquitous bittermellon in a rice dish that I unfortunately forgot the name of. As I ladled spoon fulls of the healthy and tasty food onto my plate and bowl, the owner Madalyn, a very kind woman, sat with me, asking politely questions, genuinely interested in me and my dining experience! I felt right at home as if a sister or mom was serving me dinner in my own home or in the Philippine Islands. I highly recommend Hapag Filipino for an authentic, affordable, healthy, and tasty meal, Filipino Style! (Bonus they feature Filpino DVD rental too!)  Hapag Filipino 22200 Main Street Carson, Ca 9027453105229700


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