Chad Rizalvi lives! Christ, Salvation and Sanctification. #2 The high road.

highroadAs the sun rises I pray to the Lord my God. Thankful I am alive, grateful for the blessing of one more day on planet Earth, aware I am in bonus time and any second my life can end, just like that. Getting right according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not easy, the Lord said this and I can most certainly testify to it. Matthew 7:13 “Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there are many who travel it.”

Yeah and my way, the wide road, eventually led to utter unhappiness and loss. Loss of finances, relationships, friendships, family, and almost several times,my life as well. The change in my attitude and life, the acceptance of His way did not come instantly nor is it promised I will not experience failure or human emotions. However the methods and the actions I use now to process emotions, circumstances and situations is, much different and this has brought me peace.

Case in point, a certain fellow has been tormenting me for 30 years. Yeah, can you believe that? 30 years! Recently a good friend happened to meet him at a concert and she reported very ugly things he has been accusing and ranting about for decades, yes decades! In the past I would have lashed out at this guy, no doubt and to be honest with you the things he says are hurtful. Very hurtful. Yet the first thing I do now, is pray on it and consult with God. So as she was telling me these awful accusations and lies, I prayed silently and responded with, “How long have you known me? Am I known for doing this sort of thing? She said, “I know. You don’t do those sort of things. Yeah,he is crazy.”I left it and the situation right there. No need to retaliate or get revenge, don’t even need to defend myself., I actually prayed this poor tortured soul, gets help and the Lord touches his heart too. God has a way. My point here is, we are human, never going to measure up to God’s standard(s). We will feel pain, hurt and all the other emotions associated with being human. However we can be better and choose the higher power and be at peace.God wants us to be at peace, I believe.


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