On the film, Made in Venice aka Dogtown Redemption


If you happen to watch this documentary and I use the word documentary very very cautiously, I wish to give you a heads up. The film is biased and and very very far from the truth of how the Venice Skatepark was built. The producer/director is a complete amateur, wishing to make friends rather than a concise and truthful film.  The producer had access to a fantastic story yet chose to manipulate and edit, reduce and delete key players and their roles instead focusing on one person creating a myth as to how it all actually went down. Moreover  he choose to ignore  the destruction of a once vigorous,  viable and worthy organization ,the VSA  which is more than half of the story.  Sour grapes?  Not really, the proof is in the pudding and in the locals that are still around Venice. They will tell you how, why, and what went down if you really care to know. It is fairly evident, I ran and owned the VSA lock, stock, and barrel for 10 years solid. I took all the risk, put up the front money, insurance etc. I had the leadership training and a formal education which many lacked. I am not being derogatory, egotistical or obfuscating, just the facts bro, in black and white. You see, I am an old soldier figuratively and literally, a US Army veteran, and as a leader of a platoon, I wish for all the soldiers who served to get their day in the sun and their recognition.  Once I formed a board of directors, people being what and who they are, began getting very greedy and politics being what they are, I was cut out and every original person involved was run off. It took roughly 3 years to completely destroy an organization that took 10 years to build. As I mentioned the  job producer/director missed 3/4 or the story. Who knows, perhaps I will make my own flic as to what really went down. The Bully, The Sucker, The Pawn, The Manipulator, The Traitor, The Genius, The Leader.  The love, hatred and the pettiness. It is all there. Know a good film maker?




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