L.A City Council a pair of socks and the ineptitude.

A   Los Angeles County Supervisor earns $200.000 + annually and a

Los Angels City Council member earns $178,000.00 + annually

These career politicians’ families have been ENTRENCHED in Los Angles politics for decades and have made themselves Millionaires on tax dollars as well as their personal portfolios and investments.  Los Angeles is crumbling from the top down and the bottom up, 22 Veterans commit  suicide each day nation wide and L.A has the largest Veteran population, yet all these jokers can come up with is a sock donation. Obviously the deputies and assistants are just as inept or deaf and blind to citizen’s wants and needs (you pick as you know what I think) as they have orchestrated this horrid display of wealth disparity and  feeble minded thinking. I reckon I should actually than them for this as it has raised my simmering ire to a boil again. LA-City-Council-Sock-Day_t580  I suggest  each L.A City Council member receive a 35% pay cut effective immediately. While we are at it the mayor and every top level management in each and every city department too. Allocate these monies to fund Veteran services and recreation services for youth and seniors.Furthermore each of these L.A City Council members should have to sleep on San Julian Ave downtown and work on CalTrans, a soup kitchen or some sort of real work and SERVE our city.







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